Mosaic Arts Residencies

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It's more than making art! During a Big Picture Mosaic residency, participants of all ages come together to find beauty, healing, community, meaning and fun as they create something big and important out of insignificant pieces of glass, ceramic and other found objects.  

Why bring a Big Picture Mosaic residency to your community?


  •  Beautify your space with a unique piece of art

  •  Engages groups of all sizes

  •  Brings together people of all ages

  •  Builds community through collaboration

  •  Teaches skills related to mosaic building

  •  Involves everybody at their level of skill  and  creativity

  •  Community pride in completed art piece


Why a mosaic?


A mosaic is a large picture made of lots of small, colorful pieces, making it a natural art piece for groups of people to work on together.


Collective artistic experiences allow for healing, processing, collaboration, and conflict resolution. Big Picture Mosaics works with groups not only to build a collaborative mosaic, but to build community and connection through the creative process.


How does it work?


First, we’ll set up a consult to design the mosaic, as well as the experience that will be most exciting and engaging for your group.


Whether it’s your extended family, your school or place of worship, your non-profit organization, or even if several groups want to build a mosaic together, we’ll design an experience that fits.


We’ll come up with a scope for the project. Mosaic projects can take just a few days, while some may span several weeks.


We’ll decide what size your mosaic will be – the size of a coffee table top? Or the size of an entire wall?


We’ll decide what materials we’ll use. Sometimes, people prefer to work with brand new glass. Sometimes, people prefer to work with found material – for example, pieces of a broken mirror, or pieces of a set of dishes that was a family heirloom.

What skills do I need?


Anyone can participate in building a mosaic. All levels of creative and artistic experience are valuable to the process. Big Picture Mosaics will work with you to design an experience that’s user-friendly and accessible for all participants, no matter the level of experience.


How much does it cost?


Call us for a quote. Fees vary depending on the scope of the project. 


How can I get more information?


Go to our Contact page and get in touch!